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Our new website is at . Check us out!

Contact Us

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Sorry for the technical difficulties on our site. Here is our contact information:

Contact Us

Our Location: 
24 New Jersey Avenue, Absecon, NJ 08201
Its where New Jersey Avenue and the White Horse Pike meet, just a few doors down from the Black Cat Bar and Grill.

 Available Parking Locations:
- Public parking along New Jersey Avenue
- First National Bank of Absecon after 1:00 pm

Main Number: (609) 277-7298

Owner/Trainer: Ryan Palmucci
Phone: (609) 661-1653

Owner/Trainer: Frank McGuigan
Phone: (609) 709-4333


Lifting Percentages

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To make the classes run as smoothly as possible, try your best to check the WODS on Wodify before you come into the gym and figure out your percentages before hand. Thank you in advanced. 

Also, our number one request on the surveys was a mobility class, remember it’s at 6:30pm on Friday nights. The attendance has been much lower than the number of requests. 

See you tomorrow!

Happy Pre Birthday Coach Mike

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mike o

Happy Birthday Mike! You’re an awesome athlete, a talented coach, and a man to look up to. Hope you like your birthday WOD!

Common Deadlift Mistakes

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CrossFit Endurance Program

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For those of you following (or interested in following) the CrossFit Endurance Program here at CrossFit Absecon, the CFEndurance wods will be posted on the whiteboard, as well as in wodify so you can enter your results. If interested in the program, please email me at 



We’re Back!!

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We are very proud of Jaime’s efforts and accomplishments this weekend. She made it to the CrossFit Regionals with only 5 months of training! Before the Regionals started she was projected to be 33rd but fought her way to 20th! Way to Go! It has been an awesome experience coaching you. 

   We had an amazing experience in Canton this weekend and we are very grateful for our community at CrossFit Absecon and our families who have pulled behind us and supported Jaime through all of this. Without you guys this never would of happened.  Thank You!

A big shout out to Sajan Patel for being our driver, media director, and any other titles we have given him after a few beers. 

A even bigger shout out to Kate and Mike for holding the fort down and running the gym as if we never left! Thank you!


A couple announcements:

After looking over the surveys, we have found a mobility class is the number 1 requested thing. So every Friday at 6:30-7 will be our mobility class but every last Friday of the month we will be doing a seminar like class at 6:30, concentrating on 1 thing. This months seminar will focus on the rack position in the front squat and front squat technique. 


In Wodify our regular and class WODs will be posted the night before, I received a lot of emails about this. There are two different WODS. The class WOD is still in the same category but if you are doing our competition WODS you have to change the program to Competition CrossFit to see it.

Thanks again for everyone’s continued support!

 SWOD/WOD: Members Only!