Karl Senseman
AGE: 48    HOMETOWN: Margate City    OCCUPATION: Real Estate Developer and Home Builder
WHEN DID YOU START AT : September 2016



   I played soccer from 5 years old through my senior year in High School. I started lifting weights in my basement at home when I was in the seventh grade and competed in my first powerlifting contest in the 10th grade. By my senior year in High School I had benchpressed 300 lbs at 132lb BW at a High School meet. My most Notable lift was a 418 lb benchpress at 148lb BW. Soon after, I tore a pectoral muscle and after recovery lifted weights off and on but never competed again or commited to a structured fitness program until I found CrossFit.


  Hobbies and interests include going to our house in Florida with my wife Christina and daughter Livia and exploring neighboring coastal towns, paddleboarding, watching west coast sunsets, dining at new restaurants and finding cool beach bars off the beaten path. I also have a passion for designing and developing luxury spec homes in beach communities. I like picking the colors and fixtures and putting the whole theme together.

   HOW DID YOU FIRST GET EXPOSED TO CROSSFIT? Take us back to your first WOD.... what was it, anyhow did it feel?

   My Brother Rory first exposed me to CrossFit. My first Wod was Baseline and like so many CFA members have seen me do once the clock counted down 3,2,1, go... I went out on my typical suicide pace, and about 5 minutes later I was throwing up on the sidewalk.

"I have lost about 20 lbs since I started CrossFit and continue to improve my overall fitness every year.

Please Share with us any CrossFIt / CrossFit Absecon moments.
My Favorite times at CFA have been our Saturday morning partner WODS, (I promise, some day I will stop taking them so seriously), Also, going head to head with coach Frank for Friday Night Lights during the CrossFit Open(I want a rematch this year! and this year you have to keep your shirt on) and I'll never forget bringing in my prized Potato Vodka with it's special shot glass necklace and presenting it to Coach Ryan to celebrate making Masters Regionals(I probably should have waited until Regionals were over, that night set my training back a bit)
CrossFit has changed so much for the better. My energy levels have increased, I eat clean (mostly) and sleep like a baby. I approach work with more confidence and challenge myself daily to be better at almost everything I do.