TJ Moynihan
AGE: 40    HOMETOWN: Atlantic City     OCCUPATION: Police officer
WHEN DID YOU START AT : September 2012



I played baseball, soccer and basketball when I was younger and always did the typical weight training routines at local gyms. These days I stick to snowboarding, running, biking and swimming. I've done a couple half marathons, triathlons and just recently did the Police Unity Tour 3 day bike ride to Washington DC.

During the summer months I spend a lot of time on my boat whether it's fishing, pulling up on the beach, or just cruising somewhere to throw out the anchor and dip into the cooler. I also like to try and enter a few athletic events like mud runs, runs, bike rides, or triathlons. During the winter I spend more time in the mountains snowboarding

HOW DID YOU FIRST GET EXPOSED TO CROSSFIT? Take us back to your first WOD.... what was it, and how did it feel?
I got exposed to CrossFit after dropping into CFA when they were first moving into the building. Frank had me do baseline and when he was explaining the movements and reps to me I remember thinking how easy the workout sounded. I finished the workout and remember feeling totally wiped out when I was walking to my car and how surprised I was that such a quick workout could do that to me.

"I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in my body and fitness level since starting CrossFit. I’ve been able to maintain a healthy bodyweight without having to be overly concerned with dieting and carb-watching. My body has adapted to high intensity training and I’ve become comfortable with being uncomfortable. CrossFit has taught me to push myself harder during competitions, events and training. Because of the type of training, I feel like I’m always in shape to enter any kind of events that come up. Before doing CrossFit I would have to dedicate weeks of cardio training before doing any of the endurance events I sometimes compete in. "
Since doing CrossFit I feel like I’m much more prepared to take on any of the challenges that come along with my job. Sometimes my work can be very physically demanding and without warning I’m going from zero to sixty in an instant. Before doing CrossFit my body wasn’t really able to recover after these types of incidents and I would be physically and mentally drained for the rest of my shift. Now I feel like I definitely have an advantage and am able to keep myself from getting exhausted.